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The College Football Transfer Portal is a database that keeps track of football players who transfer from one school to another. The portal allows schools to keep tabs on their former players, and it also makes it easier for new schools to find out about potential recruits.

The portal has been praised by some as a way to level the playing field in college football, as it gives smaller schools more access to talented players who might otherwise be overlooked. Critics, however, argue that the portal makes it too easy for players to transfer and that it could lead to more instability in the sport. Colllege sports has officially changed to the degree that it will be hard to know the current players on the team. There will be significant changes happening to the Mizzou Football roster as the portal opens up in the next week keep up with all the news here.

Players who will be transferring

This list is compiled from those players who have announced that they will be entering the portal when it opens up. Obvisouly, this list will grow and some might change their mind bu this here is the list as it stands today.


DB LJ Hewitt
DB Davion Sistrunk
DB DJ Jackson
QB Tyler Macon
DE Travion Ford
WR Dominic Lovett
S Jalani Williams
LB Zachary Lovett
LB Devin Nicholson

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