Eli Drinkwitz Job Has Changed

SEC Football

Coach Drinkwitz is entering his third season at Mizzou and the job has changed so much from when he started.

“The job’s changed quite a bit,” Drinkwitz said. “The dynamics in the job has changed quite a bit. But that’s changed for everybody in the seats that they’re in. I think whenever you hire somebody to do a job you’re hiring them based off the competency to adjust to whatever happens moving forward.”

His approach on attacking the job with an adaptable mindset has served him well the last two years but now the landscape has changed yet again. The SEC is having league meetings in Destin, FL and one of the topics is how to deal with adding two new team, NIL and transfer rules.

“One was future scheduling in regards to adding Oklahoma and Texas to the league,” he said. “NIL and its effect and disruption of college football and transfer rules, specifically within the SEC.”

“If we do away with divisions and go into a rotating conference schedule, the consistency of rivalries are going to be important to the passion of the Southeastern Conference,” he said. “So that’s the my stance on, I think it’s important to do that, you can read between the lines and which one that means I support, but I do think that we do have to be careful with getting away from playing consistent games our conference that means so much to our fan bases.”

All these issues are effecting every conference around the county and will continue to evolve. At the end of the landscape of college football as we knew it will never be the same.

“We’re all figuring out the new norms of college football in a hurry,” Drinkwitz said. “All I can do is build our team for this season. Share the core values of who we are and what we’re doing moving forward and get as many people buy into that vision as possible. But I’m not going to treat our guys any different. I’m going to coach them, I’m going to love them the way I’ve always loved them. I’m going to set the standard, who we are, what we’re going to be about, coaches are going to set that standard and you can either choose to be a part of that moving forward or you can not. There’s no judgement.”

Coach Drinkwitz is up for the challenge of change and will attack it this year the with the same determination that he has the previous two seasons. Look for Mizzou to surprise a few teams in the league.

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