Mizzou Football: A Promising Start to Year 4 under Eli Drinkwitz


Year 4 of the Eli Drinkwitz era and Mizzou Football kicked off with a bang as the Tigers hosted South Dakota in their season opener at Faurot Field. Missouri was determined to prove that they belonged among the best in the SEC, and they did just that with a convincing 35-10 win over the Coyotes. This victory marks a promising start to the season for Mizzou football, setting the stage for what could be an exciting year ahead.

The Final Score: Mizzou 35, South Dakota 10

The Tigers dominated the game from start to finish, showcasing their offensive prowess and defensive tenacity. Missouri’s quarterback, Sam Horn, made a strong impression in his first game, tossing his first career touchdown late in the fourth quarter to seal the victory. Despite a few hiccups, including an interception that led to a South Dakota score, Horn showcased his potential and provided a glimpse of what he can bring to the team.

A Strong Start for Sam Horn

After a solid performance by Brady Cook, Sam Horn took over as the quarterback for the Tigers when they held a commanding 28-3 lead. Horn’s presence on the field injected new energy into the offense and showcased his ability to lead the team. Although his two drives ended scoreless, Horn’s potential was evident, and fans can expect great things from him in the future.

Offensive Highlights

Mizzou’s offense was firing on all cylinders throughout the game, with multiple players contributing to the team’s success. Brady Cook, who started the game as quarterback, made an immediate impact by connecting with Mekhi Miller for an 18-yard touchdown, marking the first score of the season. Additionally, Nate Peat and Cody Schrader found the end zone, further solidifying Missouri’s lead and demonstrating the team’s depth on offense.

Defensive Dominance

Not to be overshadowed by the strong offensive performance, Mizzou’s defense was outstanding against South Dakota. The Tigers consistently shut down the Coyotes’ offense, allowing only 10 points throughout the game. They showcased their resilience and determination, forcing multiple three-and-outs and making crucial stops in the red zone. The defensive unit played a vital role in securing the victory for Mizzou.

Key Moments

Several key moments defined the game and contributed to Missouri’s success. One such moment was when the Tigers’ defense held South Dakota to a field goal after an impressive drive, showcasing their ability to bend but not break. Another key moment was Cody Schrader’s 2-yard touchdown run, which helped the Tigers regain momentum after a penalty-filled drive. These moments highlight the team’s ability to overcome adversity and capitalize on opportunities.

Looking Ahead

With their season opener victory, Mizzou football has set the tone for what could be an exciting and successful year. The team’s performance against South Dakota demonstrated their potential and provided a glimpse into what fans can expect in the upcoming games. As the season progresses, Missouri will face tougher opponents, but with their strong start, they are well-positioned to compete in the SEC and make a statement on the national stage.


Q: Who is the head coach of Mizzou football? A: The head coach of Mizzou football is Eli Drinkwitz, who is currently in his fourth year with the team.

Q: How did Sam Horn perform in his first game? A: Sam Horn, the quarterback for Mizzou, showed promise in his first game, throwing his first career touchdown and demonstrating his potential as a leader on the field.

Q: What were the key moments in the game against South Dakota? A: Key moments in the game included the Tigers’ defense holding South Dakota to a field goal and Cody Schrader’s touchdown run, which helped regain momentum for Mizzou.

Q: What can we expect from Mizzou football this season? A: Based on their strong performance in the season opener, Mizzou football has the potential to compete at a high level in the SEC and make a statement on the national stage.

Q: Who scored the first touchdown of the season for Mizzou? A: Brady Cook connected with Mekhi Miller for an 18-yard touchdown, marking the first score of the season for Mizzou.

Q: How did the defense perform against South Dakota? A: Mizzou’s defense was dominant, allowing only 10 points and making crucial stops throughout the game. They showcased their resilience and determination on the field.

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