Favorite Mizzou Football Uniforms

Mizzou Football White Uniform
Mizzou helmets over the years

We have seen many different compelling versions of Mizzou Football uniforms on game days. Late in the Gary Pinkel’s coaching career Nike presented a new look for Mizzou. The team started moving away from the block “M” logo and transitions to variations of the tiger head. Mizzou Football has many combinations they can put together in different color schemes of helmets, jerseys and pants. In 2015, Mizzou wore their icy white uniform in Nashville vs. Vanderbilt on Saturday, October 24, 2015. This was the first Nike uniform combination of white helmet, white jerseys and white¬†pants. However, this combination has been embraced by many fans but some were upset because it wasn’t the traditional look.

Today, it has became a weekly tradition of unveiling the game day uniform on Thursday’s before football Saturday. There is always a creative approach to announcing what the team will wear. Instagram is a great resource for fans as Mizzou Football uniforms are announced. Additionally, Mizzou’s equipment staff has many combinations to work with when it chooses a football uniform for the Tigers each week. What’s the week-to-week method to that selection-process madness? Typically, the uniforms for the season are determined before the season begins so the staff can script out the process of getting helmets ready each week. This involves putting the decals on each players helmet. Therefore, the equipment staff works close to 40 hours on helmets during game week to prepare.

Uniform Combinations

Other combinations, like Mizzou’s black-and-gold or all-black ensembles, have more or less stayed traditional. Others, like the all-gold look or any of the all-white uniforms, have taken a step outside the box. Recruiting is key component in the selection of the uniform. Believe it or not the uniform plays a part in what school a player chooses. Fashion and branding are key component in luring recruits. Mizzou will continue to evolve on the uniform fashion front.

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