Video Coaching Technology Used By Mizzou

8K Solutions Missou Football

The old days of having a scissor lift on the practice field with a videographer filming practice is a thing of the past. The future is here and it is video coaching technology filming in 8K on a mast that raises 55’ in the air. Mizzou has brought in 8K Solutions to film every minute of practice with the highest resolution video that can be recorded, with a frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps) or more. This means that eight times as many pixels are used to make up an image compared to standard 4K footage. 8K cameras have been used in major sporting events such as the Winter Olympics, Wimbledon tennis tournaments, and horse races like those held at Royal Ascot.

However, being able to remotely control the cameras and zoom in to different spots on the field allows coaches to easily evaluate practice film. It has given the ability to add video coaching technology used by Mizzou off the field in super high resolution. Now coaches can teach and instruct with more precision and attention to detail. 8K filming enables coaches and players to see everything  in crystal clear detail. The high resolution provided by this technology allows coaches to see players’ technique better than anyone would think is  possible!

This is just one of many technological advancements that Eli Drinkwitz has brought to Mizzou Football to help them compete at a high level on game days.

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