Brady Cook Named The Starting QB

Brady Cook

The Missouri Tigers are gearing up for an exciting Week 2 matchup against MTSU, and all eyes are on their quarterback situation. Head coach Eli Drinkwitz has made it clear that Brady Cook will be leading the offense in this crucial game. Cook’s performance in the season opener against South Dakota showed promise, and Drinkwitz believes he has what it takes to carry the team to victory once again.

Cook’s Impressive Debut

In Missouri’s 35-10 win over South Dakota, Cook showcased his skills and potential as the starting quarterback. Completing 17 of his 21 passes for a touchdown, Cook displayed efficiency and accuracy. He also demonstrated his versatility by rushing for 17 yards and adding another touchdown to his name. While his performance may not have been groundbreaking, it was exactly what the team needed in their season opener.

“Cook is the No. 1 QB moving forward,” said Drinkwitz, emphasizing his confidence in the young quarterback. “He was efficient and managed the two-minute drill well.”

The Rise of Sam Horn

While Cook solidified his position as the starting quarterback, Drinkwitz also revealed that backup quarterback Sam Horn would see some action against MTSU. Although Horn had limited playing time in the previous game, he made the most of it, throwing for 54 yards with a touchdown and an interception on 3 out of 5 passing attempts. His performance caught the attention of both fans and coaches, earning him the opportunity for more playing time in the upcoming game.

“Horn was solid in his first extended action,” Drinkwitz acknowledged, praising the young quarterback’s composure on the field.”

A Dynamic Duo

With Cook leading the offense and Horn ready to contribute, the Missouri Tigers have a dynamic duo at the quarterback position. Their different skill sets and playing styles provide the team with options and flexibility, ensuring they can adapt to any situation on the field. This quarterback tandem has the potential to keep defenses guessing and create a formidable offensive force.

“Cook will remain our starting quarterback, but Horn will also receive reps,” Drinkwitz explained. “We have a plan in place to utilize both quarterbacks effectively.”

The Importance of MTSU

The upcoming game against MTSU carries significant importance for the Missouri Tigers. It is an opportunity for the team to build on their early-season success and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Facing a tough opponent like MTSU will test Cook’s leadership and decision-making skills, allowing him to further prove himself as the team’s quarterback of the future.

Looking Ahead

As the Missouri Tigers prepare for their Week 2 clash, all eyes will be on Brady Cook and Sam Horn. Their performances will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the game. Fans are eager to see how Cook will build upon his solid debut and how Horn will continue to impress in extended playing time. The quarterback situation in Missouri is one filled with promise and potential, and fans can’t wait to witness the continued growth and success of their team.

“We have confidence in both quarterbacks,” Drinkwitz assured, instilling a sense of hope and excitement in the hearts of Missouri football fans. “We believe they have what it takes to lead us to victory.”

With kickoff just around the corner, Mizzou fans are eagerly counting down the hours. The quarterback position is in good hands, and the Tigers face a good MTSU team.


Q: How did Brady Cook perform in the season opener against South Dakota? A: Brady Cook had an efficient performance, completing 17 of his 21 passes for a touchdown. He also rushed for 17 yards and added another touchdown to his name.

Q: Will Sam Horn see playing time against MTSU? A: Yes, Head coach Eli Drinkwitz has confirmed that Sam Horn will have the opportunity to contribute and receive reps in the game against MTSU.

Q: What makes the quarterback situation in Missouri unique? A: Missouri boasts a dynamic duo at the quarterback position, with Brady Cook as the starting quarterback and Sam Horn as an up-and-coming talent. Their different skill sets provide the team with options and flexibility on the field.

Q: How important is the game against MTSU for the Missouri Tigers? A: The game against MTSU is significant for the Tigers as it allows them to build on their early-season success and establish themselves as a formidable team. It also provides an opportunity for Brady Cook to further prove himself as the team’s quarterback of the future.

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