A Hard-Fought Victory Against Middle Tennessee State

Mizzou Football

Mizzou Football had a challenging battle against Middle Tennessee State, but they emerged victorious with a final score of 23-19. The game showcased both the strengths and weaknesses of the team, with moments of brilliance and areas that need improvement. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights of the game, including crucial plays, player performances, and the overall outcome.

An Intense Contest: Mizzou vs. Middle Tennessee State

The game started with high expectations as Missouri aimed to improve their record to 2-0 before their next matchup against Kansas State. The Tigers received the ball first but faced a tough Middle Tennessee State defense. Despite their efforts, the drive ended with a punt, giving the Blue Raiders an opportunity to take control.

Mizzou’s Offensive Struggles

The first quarter saw Missouri’s offense facing difficulties in finding their rhythm. The offensive line faced challenges, resulting in penalties and a sack that stalled their progress. However, they managed to put points on the board with a 39-yard field goal by Harrison Mevis, giving Mizzou a 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Middle Tennessee State Takes the Lead

In the second quarter, Middle Tennessee State capitalized on Missouri’s offensive struggles. The Blue Raiders executed a short screen pass from the three-yard line, taking a 7-3 lead. Missouri’s defense struggled to contain the zone reads and option plays of the Blue Raiders, allowing them to gain momentum.

Mizzou Recovers and Regains the Lead

Despite the setback, Missouri’s offense fought back with determination. Brady Cook led the Tigers down the field, culminating in a short sneak by Cook himself for a touchdown. The drive showcased the versatility of the offense, with contributions from Cody Schrader, Nathaniel Peat, and freshman tight end Brett Norfleet. Missouri regained the lead with a score of 10-7.

A Back-and-Forth Battle

As the game progressed, both teams continued to trade blows. Middle Tennessee State managed to tie the game with a field goal, capitalizing on a fourth-down conversion. Missouri’s defense struggled to prevent chunk plays, allowing the Blue Raiders to stay in contention.

Peat’s Touchdown Extends Mizzou’s Lead

Entering the fourth quarter, the game remained tightly contested. Mizzou’s Nathaniel Peat delivered a game-changing play, catching a swing pass and sprinting 49 yards to the end zone. The touchdown extended Missouri’s lead to 23-10, providing some breathing room for the Tigers’ defense.

Missouri Holds On for the Win

Although Middle Tennessee State fought back with another touchdown, Missouri’s defense managed to hold on and secure the victory. The Tigers’ ability to make crucial plays, despite some setbacks, ultimately proved decisive.

Standout Performances

Several players made notable contributions to Missouri’s victory. Luther Burden’s impressive reception set up a touchdown, showcasing his playmaking abilities. Brady Cook showed resilience and leadership as he guided the offense. Nathaniel Peat’s touchdown run displayed his explosive speed and agility.

Looking Ahead

The victory against Middle Tennessee State sets the stage for an exciting upcoming matchup against Kansas State. Missouri will need to build on its strengths while addressing areas that need improvement. The coaching staff and players will analyze the game film to fine-tune their strategies and prepare for the challenges ahead.


Q: Who scored the winning touchdown for Mizzou? A: Nathaniel Peat scored the crucial touchdown for Missouri, extending their lead in the fourth quarter.

Q: What was the final score of the game? A: Missouri emerged victorious with a final score of 23-19 against Middle Tennessee State.

Q: Who were the standout players for Mizzou in this game? A: Luther Burden, Brady Cook, and Nathaniel Peat made significant contributions to Missouri’s victory, showcasing their skills and playmaking abilities.

Q: What is Missouri’s record after this win? A: With this win, Missouri improves its record to 2-0 for the season.

Q: What is the next game for Missouri? A: Missouri’s next game is against Kansas State, which promises to be an exciting matchup.

Q: How did Missouri’s defense perform in this game? A: While Missouri’s defense faced challenges in containing Middle Tennessee State’s offense, they made crucial stops and secured the victory for the Tigers.

Q: Who is the head coach of the Missouri Tigers Football team? A: Eli Drinkwitz is the head coach of the Missouri Tigers Football team.

Q: What are Missouri’s goals for the season? A: Missouri’s goals for the season include competing at a high level, securing victories, and making a strong impact in their conference.

Q: How did the fans react to the game? A: Missouri fans showed their support and enthusiasm throughout the game, cheering on the team and celebrating the hard-fought victory.

Q: What are the key areas of improvement for Missouri moving forward? A: Missouri will focus on improving their offensive consistency, addressing penalties, and finding ways to limit big plays on defense.

Q: How does this win impact Missouri’s standing in their conference? A: This win provides momentum for Missouri and establishes them as a competitive force in their conference.

As the season progresses, Missouri Tigers Football will continue to face challenges and strive for success. The victory against Middle Tennessee State serves as a reminder of the team’s resilience and determination. Mizzou fans can look forward to more thrilling games and memorable moments as the team aims to make its mark in college football. Stay tuned for the latest updates and analysis on Mizzou Football. Go Tigers!

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