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Mizzou football is gearing up for an exciting night game against Middle Tennessee State University. While the quarterback competition has been settled with Brady Cook securing the starting role, there are still plenty of other aspects to watch out for in this matchup. From kicking game adjustments to play-action strategies and the potential for turnovers, let’s dive into the critical areas of focus for the Tigers.

A Kicking Fix

One area that Missouri has been working on is their kicking game. Harrison Mevis, the team’s reliable kicker, had a strong season in 2021, but there were a few missed field goals that raised concerns. In the season opener against South Dakota, Mevis went 0-for-2 on field goal attempts, prompting the coaching staff to make some early adjustments.

One of the changes made was replacing the long snapper. Senior Trey Flint took over the role, aiming to provide more consistency in the ball placement. The previous long snapper, freshman Brett Le Blanc, had a miscue that resulted in a missed field goal when the ball’s laces were facing the wrong way. These adjustments are crucial to ensure that Mevis can perform at his best.

Mizzou coach Eli Drinkwitz expressed confidence in Mevis despite the early struggles, emphasizing that the team still believes in his abilities. By addressing the kicking concerns early on, the Tigers hope to rectify any issues and maintain stability in this crucial aspect of the game.

Lights, Camera, Play Action

In the previous game against South Dakota, Missouri’s quarterbacks attempted only three passes on play-action looks, resulting in minimal success. With a solid running game, the Tigers have an opportunity to take advantage of play-action plays and exploit the defense’s reactions.

Coach Drinkwitz highlighted the importance of better-utilizing play-action to create explosive plays. By effectively running the ball, the Tigers can force the defense to adjust and potentially create opportunities for deep passes. However, there is room for improvement in terms of quarterback reads and communication between the coaching staff and the players on when to execute play-action plays.

Brady Cook, the starting quarterback, missed a couple of reads that could have led to big plays with play-action. The coaches are working on improving communication and ensuring that Cook understands the reasoning behind specific play calls. Enhancing the effectiveness of play-action plays will be a key focus for the Tigers in this game.

Time for Turnovers?

Missouri’s defense is eager to create more turnovers this season, particularly interceptions. In their first game against South Dakota, the Tigers were unable to force any turnovers, resulting in a negative turnover ratio. However, Middle Tennessee State showed vulnerability in their ball security, with a fumble and an interception against Alabama.

The Blue Raiders are more likely to rely on the passing game rather than a power running attack, presenting an opportunity for Missouri’s defense to capitalize on potential turnovers. With an aggressive defensive approach, the Tigers will be looking to create turnovers and swing the momentum in their favor.

Uniforms for Week 2

Mizzou will wear their white helmet with the tiger head logo and black jersey and pants. Some wonder about the color choice given it’s a white-out game for all the fans attending.


1. Who is the starting quarterback for Missouri in the game against Middle Tennessee State?

Brady Cook is the starting quarterback for Missouri in the game against Middle Tennessee State.

2. What adjustments have been made to Missouri’s kicking game?

Missouri has made changes to their long snapper position, with senior Trey Flint taking over for freshman Brett Le Blanc to improve ball placement and provide more continuity for kicker Harrison Mevis.

3. How can Missouri better utilize play-action plays?

Missouri aims to improve communication between the coaching staff and the quarterback, ensuring better understanding of the reasoning behind play-action calls. The quarterbacks need to make accurate reads to take advantage of the defense’s reactions.

4. Will Missouri’s defense be able to force turnovers against Middle Tennessee State?

Middle Tennessee State showed vulnerability in their ball security in their previous game, giving Missouri’s defense an opportunity to create turnovers, particularly interceptions. The Tigers will be looking to capitalize on these potential turnovers.

5. Where can I stay updated on Mizzou sports news?

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By addressing the kicking concerns, enhancing play-action strategies, and capitalizing on potential turnovers, Missouri football aims to secure a victory against Middle Tennessee State. Stay tuned for an exciting game and follow us for all the latest updates on Mizzou sports. Go Tigers!

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